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  • Lumen

    This paper by Jenny E.Sabin, Dillon Prager, Clayton Binkley, Kristan Strobel, Jingyang (Leo) Liu, documents the computational design methods, digital fabrication strategies, and generative design process for Lumen, winner of MoMA & MoMA PS1’s 2017 Young Architects Program. Download PDF More  →
  • ICD Aggregate Pavilion

    The ICD Aggregate Pavilion 2018 presents the latest results of 10 years of research into designed granular materials for architecture. It constitutes the first fully enclosed architectural space entirely constructed from designed granules, which lie only in loose frictional contact. more info about this about More  →
  • 3D Hexagonal Pattern

    In this grasshopper example file You can create a parametric 3d hexagonal pattern by defining a point attractor. Download Algorithm More  →
  • Murmuration Installation

    Murmuration project is the 2350 square-foot mesh canopy responds to Atlanta’s reputation as the ‘city in a forest’ and reacts to its relationship with the natural world. The sculptural structure, which includes bird feeding stations and perches, also reflects upon the loss of billions of birds in recent decades. More info about this project More  →
  • Curved Paneling

    In this grasshopper example file you can generste a parametric panel pattern by defining a curve. Download Algorithm More  →
  • Polish Pavilion

    The Polish Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai is a nod to the country's natural landscapes representing an essential part of Polish identity. Through a modular structure enveloped by a kinetic sculpture resembling a flock of birds, the project references the idea of mobility while showcasing the natural connection established by bird migration between Poland and [...] More  →
  • Tensile Pattern

    In this Grasshopper example file you can use the Kangaroo 2 plugin to create a parametric tensile pattern. Download Algorithm More  →
  • Bio-Integrative Structure

    Responding to increasing urgencies of material efficiency and environmental sensibility, this project strives to provide for designers a toolset for environmentally responsive, case-specific design, characterized by the embedded control qualities derived from the bone and its adaptability to specific loading conditions. Download PDF More  →
  • Twisted Surface Pattern

    In this Grasshopper example file You can use the native Grasshopper components to generate a series of Spirals and use the lunchbox plugin for the final pattern. Download Algorithm More  →
  • Tensile Structures

    The tensile structures are the solution to cover large areas of complex shape by minimizing the materials used. In tensile structures, materials are used efficiently. Thanks to specific supports, on existing buildings or through cable-stayed poles, it is possible to tension a membrane which, due to the “double curved” shape, will support external loads such [...] More  →
  • Rotating Stair Slabs

    In this grasshopper example file you can create a twisted stair by defining a series of rotating slabs. Download Algorithm More  →
  • Catenary Compression

    Catenary Compression’ is a research project with light block construction that conventionally operates in compression. The design team set out to build a structural catenary relieving the ground from any physical contact. More info about this project More  →
  • Curve Pattern Array

    In this grasshopper example file you can create a pattern by arraying a series of curves inside a rectangle. Download Algorithm More  →
  • Architectural Membranes

    The constant development of state-of-the-art projects is the fruit of our exceptional experience combined with a great technical know-how. Textile architecture opens up unimagined possibilities allowing to create building sculptures, organic shapes, light roofs or draw attention to spectacular facades with advanced properties in an economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable way. more info about this [...] More  →
  • Robotically Built Wall

    This study investigated the effects of additive digital fabrication (dfab) on productivity by analyzing the cost and time required for the construction of a robotically-fabricated complex concrete wall. Download PDF More  →
  • Graz Art Museum

    The Graz Art Museum is designed by London based architecture Peter Cook and Colin Fournier. The aesthetics of the building follow the peculiar architectural school known as “blob architecture” or “blobitecture”, based on organic shapes, blobitecture is expressed through unique buildings that resemble the shape of protozoa organisms such as the amoeba. Read more about [...] More  →
  • Kinetic Facade Design

    This paper by Seyed Morteza Hosseini, Masi Mohammadi, Torsten Schroder, Olivia Guerra-Santin , explores for the first time, the possibility of coupling a kinetic façade with colored glasses to improve the daylight performance. This research builds on a combination of relevant literature and parametric simulation to investigate the development of integration of colored glass from [...] More  →
  • Optimized Column

    In this Grasshopper example file You can use the tOpos plugin to optimize a central Column for supporting the floor slabs. Download Algorithm More  →
  • Digital Fabrication

    This book is edited by Neils Martin, Larsen Og, Anne Mette Boye. It brings together contributions from the seminar on digital fabrication in tomorrows architecture and discusses about digital fabrication and digital form generation that can change the way different professions interact in relation to the development and construction of architecture. Download PDF More  →
  • Rotating Arrayed Polygons

    In this grasshopper example file you can create different patterns by rotating a series of parametric polygons. Download Algorithm More  →
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